DWAYNE JOHNSON IS BURSTING WITH CONFIDENCE. Regardless of whether he’s welcome his crazy fans, going to kids in a healing center, or advancing his films, the massive actor is a standout amongst the most lively personalities on Earth. What’s more, now he’s additionally the most generously compensated on-screen character on Earth, having stashed $64.5m a year ago as per Forbes – dramatically increasing his profit from the earlier year and knocking Robert Downey Jr from the main spot.

Twenty-two years ago, after injuries had derailed his pro football career, Johnson found himself rudderless and recalls “crying by myself on my sofa and feeling that my life was finished.” That was when he discovered the virtues of positive thinking in what became an insatiable quest to make the most out of life. He created a massive public following as pro wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and used the power of his WWF following to help him break into Hollywood with the goal of becoming the top action star in the business.

At a young age he starred in his high school football team but because of injuries he was forced to look for a career in another sport. He met his first wife at the University of Miami and spent ten blissful married years with her till they decided to part ways.

Once Dwayne moved away from football he turned his attention to wrestling, which was a kind of family business for him back then. He spent some time in the minor WWE leagues and then made his first appearance at the Survivor Series in 1996. He took on the name of Rocky Maivia. This name was a combination of his father and grandfather’s names. Dwayne Johnson was a third generation wrestler who quickly grew into the role of being a professional wrestler. Many consider him to be one of the finest wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring. He came up with some truly unique signature moves including The People’s Elbow and The Rock Bottom. During his time with the WWE Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson won the WWE heavyweight title a staggering six times. In addition, he also held the tag team champions belt five times.

After Dwayne Johnson became such a well-known and famous wrestler he soon became the focus of attention of many Hollywood studios. He was asked to host Saturday Night Live. His time with SNL (Saturday Night Live) made him even more popular than he already was. Hollywood came to realize that Dwayne Johnson was more than just a very gifted wrestler. He also had the ability to act.

When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock it… Kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself.

-Dwayne Johnson-

In 2001, he starred in a movie called The Mummy Returns. In this movie, Dwayne played the role of a villain. He again played a similar role in The Scorpion King. For his efforts he earned a nice 5.5 million dollars, which was the most any actor had been paid for a first time leading role. It took another two years before Dwayne Johnson would earn a name as a genuine action hero. The movie The Rundown showed that the Rock had a flair for acting. The same movie also featured Arnold Schwarzenegger in a cameo role. Critics acclaimed the Rock for his acting abilities and even went as far as saying that Dwayne Johnson stood a good chance of emulating the acting skills of Schwarzenegger.

Once Dwayne Johnson earned a reputation for his acting abilities he dropped his name, The Rock, which he said was created for TV audiences. He had a range of acting successes including in movies like The Game Plan and the Other Guys. Dwayne Johnson came to understand that there were bigger as well as better opportunities for him in the movie world. Be it comedy or action comedy or even drama, he felt he had what it takes to succeed. He has also appeared in the 5th installment of Fast and Furious and he also co-starred with Vin Diesel in Fast Five, which led to appearing in the next 3 installments.

What separates Dwayne Johnson from other actors is his excellent work ethic. He went as far as consuming 17 meals per day to put on weight for the 2013 movie Pain and Gain. He has since returned to the ring with appearances at WrestleMania. Dwayne says he loves the wrestling business and that is the real reason for his return to the ring. Other than acting and wrestling, Dwayne Johnson has also lent his voice in a Disney movie that goes by the name of Moana. His role in this movie is that of a demi-god called Maui. He is currently acting with costar Zac Efron in Baywatch.

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